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Panel Releases 9th Advisory Report on Livelihoods as part of its Emerging Lessons Series


Emerging Lessons Series 09 on LivelihoodsOn November 29, 2023, the Inspection Panel released its 9th Advisory Report on Livelihoods as part of its Emerging Lessons Series.  The report titled "Ensuring Development While Securing Livelihoods – Lessons Learned and Considerations from Panel Cases" focuses on the crucial issue of livelihoods within Inspection Panel cases associated with World Bank-financed projects.

Livelihoods are a critical aspect of any development project, as they directly impact the well-being and economic stability of affected communities. The report delves into the key issues on livelihoods in World Bank-financed projects, drawing from    cases  handled by the Inspection Panel in the last five to seven years.

The report aims to provide valuable insights and lessons from the Panel's  work on livelihood issues.  The document is readily accessible on the Inspection Panel's website at this link.

Ramanie Kunanayagam, Chairperson of the Inspection Panel, said she was so pleased to have the Panel issue its latest report, on a topic that is fundamental to the survival for many project affected persons.  She said Livelihood issues are both a sub-set of involuntary resettlements as well as the result of social and environmental impacts from Projects. She said she hoped this Advisory will bring attention to this important topic and serve as a valuable resource for advancing collective understanding and knowledge on livelihood issues. By sharing the lessons learned from Panel cases, the report aims to contribute to better development practices and outcomes.

The Panel’s advisory reports are in line with its mandate to foster institutional learning within the World Bank and the broader development community. By sharing these insights through its latest report, the Inspection Panel hopes to contribute to the overall knowledge base on livelihood issues with the aim of contributing to development outcomes. Each report of the Inspection Panel's Emerging Lessons Series focuses on a specific aspect of development projects and provides practical insights and lessons learned based on the Panel's experiences.

The Inspection Panel encourages all stakeholders, including policymakers, project managers, and civil society organizations, to make use of this report to enhance their understanding of livelihood issues and improve collective understanding and knowledge on it.  For more information about Emerging Lessons Series and to access the other reports in the series, please visit the Open Knowledge Repository of the World Bank here.