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Panel Member Discusses Livelihoods Issues Highlighted in Panel's Cases on the Knowledge Hub Africa Podcast

On the Knowledge Hub Africa podcast, Panel Member Ramanie Kunanayagam talks about the latest report on the Inspection Panel's Emerging Lessons Series on livelihoods. She is joined by Kirk Helliker, Research Professor, Department of Sociology, Rhodes University in South Africa. Ramanie explains the significant role of the Inspection Panel and the impact of its investigations. The discussion between Ramanie and Keith focuses on the Panel’s latest Livelihood Advisory Report. Ramanie and Kirk delve into the specific issues related to the impact of World Bank projects on people's livelihoods in relation to cases that have been brought to the Panel. They discuss the Panel’s case studies in the report and the challenges associated with firstly identifying firstly types and severity of impact of livelihoods and then what it takes to develop an effective livelihood development plans for impacted communities. By watching the short discussion, you can gain valuable insights into the role of the inspection panel and its case work, specifically in the context of livelihood impacts both as a result of involuntary resettlement and also as a broader social impact.

Watch the short discussion on YouTube here.

The Panel’s Advisory report on Livelihoods can be found here.