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Panel Explains its Work to NGOs in Rwanda

Inspection Panel Chair Imrana Jalal on July 22, 2021, explained the Panel’s mandate and operations at a virtual workshop for representatives of non-governmental organizations in Rwanda who work on legal, human rights and women’s issues.
Ms. Jalal discussed the Panel’s history and structure, how to find project information on the World Bank website, who can file a complaint and how to do so, and how the Panel deals with reprisals against complainants as well as providing two case examples. She also explained that a dispute resolution option is available for complaints filed after September 8, 2020, when the World Bank established the World Bank Accountability Mechanism to house both the Panel and a soon-to-be-operational Dispute Resolution Service.
The Panel chair also answered participant questions on topics that included how much information complainants must provide in making a Request for Inspection and whether World Bank projects have been suspended because of reprisals against complainants. 
The Panel continues to conduct virtual workshops while unable to travel due to COVID-19-related restrictions. If you are interested in taking part in a virtual workshop with the Panel please email us at