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World Bank Invites Applications for Accountability Mechanism Secretary


The World Bank is inviting applications for the new position of Accountability Mechanism Secretary.
The World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) was established by the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on September 8, 2020, to house both the Inspection Panel to carry out compliance reviews and a newly created Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). The AM will become operational in early 2021 once the Accountability Mechanism Secretary is hired and begins work.
The AM Secretary will serve a single five-year term and will be prohibited from working for the World Bank Group in any capacity following the end of their term. No one who has worked in the World Bank Group in any capacity may be considered for a position of the AM Secretary until two years have elapsed since the end of their service.
The AM secretary will report to the Board and operate independently of World Bank management. Inspection Panel members and the Panel chair will continue to report to the Board and be independent of management. They will coordinate with but not be subject to the supervision of the AM Secretary. 
The functions and duties of the Accountability Mechanism Secretary include:

  • Providing thought leadership and direction to the Accountability Mechanism team.
  • Establishing and managing the Accountability Mechanism’s work program, budget and staffing.
  • Overseeing all administrative matters regarding the AM, including the DRS and the Inspection Panel. (The AM Secretary will consult with the Panel Chair on matters related to  compliance, including the appointment and performance reviews of staff, as well as the allocation and oversight of the Panel budget.)
  • Preparing and submitting annual itemized budgetary requirements for the AM Secretary office, the Inspection Panel and the DRS for consideration by the Board’s Committee on Development Effectiveness and Budget Committee and approval by the Board. (For the Inspection Panel’s budget, the AM Secretary will consult with the Panel Chair.)
  • Overseeing the DRS.

More information about the duties and responsibilities of the job and the qualifications and experience necessary for it can be found at this link, Position Description
Anyone interested in applying is invited to do so no later than November 6, 2020, by sending a copy of your CV in Microsoft Word format, along with any relevant documentation, to worldbank-AMS@sri-executive.comPlease use the following link -- -- to view the full job details.

The selection procedures for the position approved by the Board in September can be found here.