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Vacancy Announcement: World Bank is Inviting Applications for a Panel Member Position at the Inspection Panel

World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC

The World Bank is inviting applications for an opening on its Inspection Panel. Members of the Inspection Panel must have a deep understanding of development issues and a track record of involvement in the complexity of development projects financed by multilateral development banks, impeccable personal and professional integrity, sound judgment and intellectual rigor, a strong record of leadership and teamwork, and must be able to communicate effectively and command trust across a broad and diverse range of stakeholders. The Inspection Panel reports to the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors.

The terms of reference can be found here.  Anyone interested in applying is invited to submit their applications to  or apply online at this link no later than August 21, 2023. Please note that persons who have worked for the World Bank in any capacity in the last two years are not eligible to apply. Additionally, members of the Inspection Panel may not be employed by the World Bank Group following the end of their service on the Panel.