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Request for Inspection: Brazil Rondonia Natural Resources Management Project (Loan No. 3444-BR)

CONTACT: Eduardo G. Abbott

Telephone: (202) 458-2617

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 23, 1996. On December 8, 1995, the Inspection Panel submitted to the Board an "Additional Review" requested by the Executive Directors at their September 12 meeting to further substantiate its recommendation to investigate matters covered by the Request for Inspection. The Latin American and the Caribbean Region of the Bank submitted a "Report on the Status of Implementation" of the project to the Board on December 20, 1995. A Management "Response" to the Panel's "Additional Review" was submitted to the Executive Directors on January 5, 1996. A meeting of the Executive Directors to consider the "Additional Review" and Management "Response" is scheduled to be held on January 25, 1996.

Copies of this release are available at the Bank's Public Information Center, telephone: (202) 458-5454) and on INTERNET through the World Bank Public Information Server Gopher, under Inspection Panel