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Panel Publishes Framework for Independent Verification of MAP Implementation

The Inspection Panel on March 1, 2021, published the framework for proportionality criteria and modalities for the independent verification of the implementation of Management Action Plans (MAPs) developed in response to Panel investigation findings. 

As part of its review of the Panel, which concluded last year, the World Bank Board of Executive Directors authorized the Panel and the Bank’s Group Internal Audit (GIA) to carry out independent risk-based proportionate verification of MAP implementation when approved by the Board. The verification function provided to the Panel is similar to the monitoring functions utilized by independent accountability mechanisms at other international financial institutions.

In approving the verification function as part of the September 2020 Inspection Panel Resolution, the Board directed the Panel, GIA and Bank management to work together to elaborate on the framework for the proportionality criteria and modalities for verification and present the framework for consideration by the Board’s Committee on Development Effective (CODE) and Executive Directors. CODE and the Board considered the framework in January and February.

The framework document is posted on the “Mandate and Procedures” page of the Panel website and can be accessed here.