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Panel Participates in Workshop to Explain IAMs’ Work to CSOs in Latin America


The Inspection Panel on May 26, 2021, joined with other independent accountability mechanisms (IAMs) at a training workshop sponsored by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights titled, “Business and Human Rights: The Role of Civil Society Organizations.” The workshop, which was conducted in Spanish, was part of the Responsible Business Conduct in Latin America and the Caribbean program.

Speaking to CSO representatives from Argentina, Costa Rica and Panama, Panel Operations Officer Birgit Kuba joined counterparts from the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman and the IAM of the Inter-American Development Bank to explain the role and objectives of the IAMs, the principles under which they operate and the compliance review and dispute resolution services they provide. 

During a breakout session, Ms. Kuba and Panel Senior Executive Assistant Oriana Bolvaran discussed how to find project information on the World Bank website, how a complaint may be submitted to the Inspection Panel, what happens once the Panel receives the complaint, and the steps the Panel takes to reduce retaliation risks to those who file complaints. They also responded to participant questions, including one on why many complaints submitted to the Panel do not reach the investigation stage.

The Panel has continued its use of virtual workshops to explain its mandate and operations to CSOs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact the Inspection Panel at if you are interested in taking part in a virtual workshop.