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Panel issues Notice of Registration for India Amaravati Complaint

The Inspection Panel on June 12, 2017, registered a Request for Inspection of the Proposed Amaravati Sustainable Capital City Development Project in India. The Request, which was received on May 25, was submitted by landowners from the area known as Amaravati in Andra Pradesh who alleged harm from a land-pooling scheme used to assemble land required for the proposed city and for activities, including resettlement and consultation, related to the proposed project. The Requesters claim harm related to their livelihoods, environment, food security, resettlement and lack of consultation as a result of the World Bank’s non-compliance with its environmental and social standards in preparation of the proposed project. On May 27, the Panel received another communication from a large group of farmers in support of the Request. The development objectives of the proposed project are to “build sustainable urban services and capacity of urban institutions for the development of Amaravati Capital City.” The proposed project is expected to be submitted to the Board of Executive Directors for approval in October 2017. Bank management has 21 business days, until July 13, to respond to the Panel’s Notice of Registration. The Panel’s registration implies no judgment concerning the merits of the Request for Inspection.