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Panel Hosts Its Traditional Spring Meeting Open House Reception


The Panel was so pleased after three years of COVID restrictions, to resume its tradition of holding its annual Spring Meeting in-person Open House Reception on April 13, 2023.  This twice-yearly tradition, of holding an Open House during the Spring and Annual meetings, brought together over a hundred persons from Civil Society Organizations,  World Bank Board officials, Independent Accountability Mechanism colleagues, and colleagues from World Bank Management. The event was a celebration of the importance of accountability, getting together in person after three difficult years, with guests exchanging ideas and discussing both achievements and challenges in ensuring transparency and fairness in global development projects. This year also marks the 30-year anniversary of the establishment of World Bank Inspection Panel, the first of its kind among  international financial institutions. The mood was one of optimism and collaboration, with a renewed sense of commitment to  equitable development. Despite the challenges of the past three years, this event was a reminder that face-to-face interactions and shared experiences are essential in building strong and effective partnerships.