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AM Hosts Columbia University Human Rights Advocates Program

Human Rights Advocates Program

The World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) on March 17 hosted a virtual information session for participants in the Human Rights Advocates Program at Columbia University. AM Secretary Orsolya Székely, Inspection Panel Chair Ramanie Kunanayagam, Panel Senior Investigations Officer Birgit Kuba, Senior Dispute Resolution Officer Scott Adams and AM Senior External Affairs Officer Rob Doherty spoke to the group about the work of the Panel and Dispute Resolution Service and answered questions on several issues. Question topics included the timeline for filing Requests for Inspection, the language that needs to be included in Requests, outreach and capacity-building done with vulnerable communities, and whether Panel investigation reports can be used in court proceedings. The Human Rights Advocates Program provides grassroots leaders the tools, knowledge, access and networks to strengthen their organizations and promote human rights. Participants in this year’s program are from Barbados, Cameroon, Colombia, Georgia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nepal, North Macedonia and Uganda.