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AM Explains Mandate and Operations of the Inspection Panel, Dispute Resolution Service at Workshop for NGOs in Benin


The World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) on November 3, 2021, explained the mandate and operations of the Inspection Panel and Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) at a virtual workshop for representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Benin. 
AM Secretary Orsolya Székely welcomed the NGO participants, many of whom work on environmental issues. Inspection Panel Senior Environmental Specialist Nicolas Kotschoubey and Inspection Panel Analyst Camila Jorge do Amaral then discussed how to find project information on the World Bank website, who can file a complaint to the Inspection Panel and how to do so, the process followed once a complaint is submitted, and the dispute resolution option potentially available for complaints filed after September 8, 2020, when the World Bank established the AM to house both the Panel and the DRS.
They were joined by Inspection Panel Senior Operations Officer Serge Selwan in answering participant questions on topics that included confidentiality for complainants, why a single individual cannot submit a complaint, how long the process takes once a complaint is submitted, and how redress is provided to communities found to be harmed by projects. 
The AM continues to organize virtual outreach events for civil society during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshops are intended to make our work known to people whose rights and interests may be affected by World Bank projects. If you are interested in partnering on the workshop, please email us at