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World Bank AM Participates in 18th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network

18 Annual Meeting Participation of World Bank Accountability Mechanism

The World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) in late September took part in the 18th annual meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) Network.

During the four-day virtual meeting from September 27 to 30, AM Secretary Orsolya Székely moderated a session reflecting on what they IAMs had heard during a day of interaction with civil society representatives. Inspection Panel Chair Imrana Jalal chaired a session on access to remedy in an IAM process. Panel Member Ramanie Kunanayagam presented at a plenary session on retaliation against those who bring complaints to IAMs. Panel Member Mark Goldsmith participated in a session on the role of advisors and experts in the IAM process and Inspection Panel Senior Operations Officer Serge Selwan took part in a session on management-led grievance redress and implications for IAMs.

Other sessions discussed IAMs’ work during the COVID-19 pandemic, how IAMs might engage more effectively with women and other vulnerable groups in their various complaint-handling functions and activities, and the experience of working at an IAM. 

The IAM Network is comprised of 19 IAMs at international financial institutions and is intended to foster collaboration, cooperation and knowledge sharing among its members. This year’s annual meeting was organized by the European Investment Bank’s Compliance Mechanism and the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, the IAM of the International Finance Corporation and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency that is currently the Network Secretariat. The meeting was conducted virtually because of the pandemic.