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Tanzania: Power VI Project (Credit No. 2489-TA)

CONTACT: Eduardo G. Abbott

Telephone: (202) 458-2617

WASHINGTON, D.C. September 26, 1995. The Inspection Panel decided not to recommend to the Board of Executive Directors of IDA a further investigation of the matters claimed in the above-referenced Request. The Panel made its decision after careful review and consideration of the Request, of the evidence and of other information provided by the Requesters, by Tanzanian Government officials, IDA Management in its Response, and of Panel member Mr. Richard Bissell's report on his visit to Dar es Salaam. The Board of Executive Directors approved the Panel's recommendation on a non objection basis on September 11, 1995.

According to paragraph 25 of the Board Resolution that established the Inspection Panel, a copy of this Request together with the Inspection Panel's recommendation thereon, and the Executive Directors' decision in this respect will be made publicly available by the Bank.

Copies of this release are available at the Bank's Public Information Center (Tel: (202) 458-5454) and on INTERNET through the World Bank Public Information Server Gopher, under Inspection Panel.