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Request for Investigation: Yacyreta Hydroelectric Project

​CONTACT: Eduardo G. Abbott

Telephone: (202) 458-5200

WASHINGTON, D.C. October 1, 1996--The independent Inspection Panel for the World Bank today registered a request for an investigation into the

Argentina/Paraguay: Yacyretá Hydroelectric Project. This is the fifth investigation request to be accepted for processing by the Panel. The request has been filed by SOBREVIVENCIA - Friends of Earth, Paraguay, an organization representing persons who live in the Project area who claim that

their rights/interests have been directly, materially and adversely affected by the design and execution of the above-referenced project. The Request claims that people living in the project area have been, and may potentially be, directly and adversely affected in their standards of living, health and economic-well being as a result of the filling of the Yacyretá Reservoir and the Bank's omissions and failures in the preparation and implementation of the project. They allege that policies and procedures of the Bank have not been observed.

Under Inspection Panel procedures Bank Management will respond to the claims made in the request no later than October 31, 1996. No later than 21 days after the Inspection Panel receives this response, it will make a recommendation to the Bank's Executive Directors on whether or not the request should be investigated. The Executive Directors will then decide whether or not to accept or reject the Panel's recommendation.

Copies of the Notice of Registration are available at the Bank's Public Information Center (Tel: (202) 458-5454) and on INTERNET through Inspection Panel, address: