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Panel Welcomes New Intern

Alice SchoonejansAlice Schoonejans joined the Inspection Panel as an intern in January, and is assisting the Panel with research work related to its cases. 
Alice earned a bachelor’s degree from Paris-Dauphine University in social sciences and a master’s degree from Paris-Sorbonne University in political and ethical philosophy. She is currently studying international affairs and sustainable development at Paris-Dauphine. 
Prior to joining the Panel, Alice worked for CISV International (formerly known as Children’s International Summer Villages), a non-governmental organization, as a junior representative designing and implementing educational programs in human rights, sustainable development, conflict resolution and diversity.  Alice volunteered for the charity St Anne’s Community Services helping homeless people in Leeds, United Kingdom. She also led two student organizations focusing on sustainable development and political debate.  Alice developed a growing interest in global governance and sustainable development, and in the ethical and legal challenges faced by developing and developed countries. She also did an internship in corporate social responsibility at the consulting firm Sustainable Metrics. 
After completing her internship at the Panel in May 2018, Alice is hoping to pursue a doctorate in public policy, focusing on the institutional responses given to local voices.