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Panel Participates in Several Civil Society Policy Forum Events

​The Panel this week took part in several events at the Civil Society Policy Forum scheduled as part of the 2017 World Bank Group Annual Meetings.

On October 13, Panel MemberJan Mattssonrepresented the Panel at a session sponsored by the Centre for Research on Multilateral Corporations titled, “The Value of Accountability Mechanisms: By Whom and For What?” Later the same day, Panel MemberZeinab Bashir Elbakriparticipated in a discussion titled, “Moving from Lessons Learned to Lessons Applied on Gender-Based Violence” sponsored by Joy for Children.

Earlier in the week, Operations Officer Birgit Kuba explained the Panel’s mandate and operations to the forum’s orientation session and Executive Secretary Dilek Barlas took part in a discussion on the new report, “The World Bank Inspection Panel and International Human Rights Law,” sponsored by the Center for International Environmental Law. The report, published by the New York University Law School Clinic on International Organizations, examines how the Panel has engaged in human rights-related claims through its past casework and how it can support the Bank’s efforts in realizing the vision statement included in its new Environmental and Social Framework related to human rights.