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Panel to Host, Livestream Discussion on the Challenges of Implementing Biodiversity Offsets in Development

The Inspection Panel will host a discussion on the challenges of implementing biodiversity offsets as part of development. The discussion will start at 10 am U.S. Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 20.

Panel Chair Imrana Jalal will moderate the discussion, which will include World Bank Executive Director Anne Kabagambe, International Rivers Policy Director Josh Klemm, George Ledec, who recently retired as lead ecologist at the World Bank, and Susie Brownlie, a registered natural scientist in the field of environmental science who served as an expert consultant on a recent Panel investigation.

The discussion will be streamed live on YouTube.

The discussion will coincide with the publication of the fifth report in the Inspection Panel’s Emerging Lesson Series. The report will provide insights into the use of biodiversity offsets based on three Panel investigations related to the Kalagala offset associated with Bujagali Power Project in Uganda. The report will be available on the Panel’s website on May 18.

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