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Panel Explains Its Mandate and Operations to LGBTI Activists

Panel Explains Its Mandate and Operations to LGBTI ActivistsThe Inspection Panel on April 18 met with a group of LGBTI activists in Washington for the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group Spring Meetings. Operations Officer Tamara Milsztajn explained the Panel’s history, mandate and operations to the group, and then took questions along with Panel Chairman Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, Panel Member Imrana Jalal, Executive Secretary Dilek Barlas and Senior Communications Officer Rob Doherty. Question topics included the World Bank’s current safeguards, the Bank’s new Environmental and Social Framework, the monitoring of Bank action plans following Panel investigations, and outreach to local communities to make them aware of the Panel. The LGBTI activists represented eight countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Balkans and Asia.