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Panel Explains its Mandate and Operations to CSO-NGO Representatives in Nigeria  


The Inspection Panel on November 12, 2020, explained its mandate, operations and procedures to several representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations in Nigeria. Speaking virtually, Panel Member Ramanie Kunanayagam and Senior Operations Officer Serge Selwan discussed how communities can file a complaint to the Panel, how the Panel processes complaints, the role civil society can play in supporting communities during the Panel process, how communities can access public information about World Bank projects and the changes to the Panel’s toolkit recently approved by the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors.

Ms. Kunanayagam and Mr. Selwan also responded to questions from participants on a variety of topics including whether people need a lawyer to file a complaint to the Panel, whether communities can file complaints to the Panel about potential harm, how the Panel responds to reprisals against complainants and whether communities can appeal Panel decisions if they are dissatisfied with the outcome. 

The November 12 discussion, which the Panel organized with the Sustainable Environment Food and Agriculture Initiative, is the latest in a series of virtual outreach events the Panel has conducted since members and staff began working from home during COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, the Panel conducted virtual sessions in other parts of Africa, the Middle East and, jointly with other independent accountability mechanisms, in Central and South America.

Please contact the Inspection Panel at if you are interested in taking part in a virtual workshop.

The Panel will resume in-person workshops as the pandemic eases and the World Bank permits mission travel.